EZ Dock was founded by water enthusiasts to be the best investment for your waterfront property. As one of the top floating dock manufacturers in the world, EZ Dock is situated far and wide at homes, marinas, military/government facilities, restaurants, resorts, etc.

EZ Dock systems are beautifully customized, durable, barefoot friendly, and even environmentally friendly. Key advantages are highlighted below:


Whether you need a dock for kayaking, boating, swimming, working, or walking, EZ Dock is the solution of choice for the most discerning customers. 


For strength and flexibility, EZ Dock couplings are made of recycled rubber. That way, in rough waters or bad weather, each piece of the dock moves independently and keeps the structure intact. EZ Dock has been captured lasting resiliently through tropical storms, it's that strong! 


Forget about painting and pressure-washing. EZ Dock products are designed to be low-maintenance for any environment. The polyethylene material will not rot, splinter, or require paint. That's less labor and more time you can enjoy out on the water.


EZ Dock is thoughtfully designed with slip-resistant surfaces and built-in grooves to channel excess water. Beyond having a more confident grip, the polyethylene surface stays cooler on hot days and reduces the risk of contact burns. No shoes necessary. 


With a variety of sizes and shapes, along with the coupling design, you can customize your EZ Dock to your specific requirements. The versatility allows you to evolve your EZ Dock overtime as well.


Our floating dock systems are composed of two eco-friendly parts: polyethylene sections and 90% pre/post consumer waste recycled molded rubber couplers. Both pieces are recyclable and harmless to the environment, as opposed to wood and foam filled docks, which can unintentionally release harmful substances into their natural surrounding. In fact, EZ Dock couplers were designed in partnership with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.


For our kayak and canoe launches, the EZ Launch Accessible Transfer System is built to promote accessibility and exceeds the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Using a transfer bench, slide board, and side rails, users can simply onboard and launch their vessel of choice. The transfer bench is built with two heights to accommodate varying wheelchair sizes and watercraft heights.


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