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Founded in Wayzata, Minnesota, CrossPoint Marine Co. is designed by wake surfers to accommodate the unique needs of the towboat market.  The 'Surf Series' line-up provides users powerful, hydraulic lifting with minimal maintenance (that's right, no more cable breaks or deteriorating gears).  Backed by a 10 year warranty on the lift structure, and 3 year warranty on components (hydraulic system, bunks, dock box, solar panel, and controls), this is the optimal choice to protect your investment and spend more time enjoying the lake!

7,000 LBS
9,000 LBS
18,000 LBS



The founders of CrossPoint are professional wake surfers and their first-hand experience has led to key features to correct common pitfalls for towboat lifts.  CrossPoint lifts have both height and width adjustable bunks for a custom fit no matter your boat shape or lakebed.  What's more, the bunks are covered with 'GatorBak' which is a soft, synthetic padding with deep ribs to flush away water/debris.  The flexible bunk design carefully cradles your unique surf boat hull for a perfect set and protection from wear marks. 


The quality and strength of the Surf Series framework is second to none.  CrossPoint utilizes aircraft-grade aluminum tubing in construction with thicker walls.  Better raw materials coupled with electronic welds and bolt-thru attachments significantly increases the strength of the lift, making CrossPoint a reliable solution for years to come. 


The beefy frame construction is paired with a hydraulic system that is just as robust.  CrossPoint's high-quality, high-pressure hydraulic pump engages proprietary, industrial grade dual-cylinders for 7000# and 9000# models to lift your boat effortlessly and reduce stress on your lift.  The 18000# model comes with a whopping four cylinders.  Not to mention, the hydraulics are built with Socrati plated rods and scrapers to remove debris, invasive species, and corrosive material from the system to preserve the product life..


CrossPoint lifts lower and raise quickly with the touch of a remote button.  The longer lifting legs hoist your towboat higher to protect your property from the elements — giving you one less thing to worry about. 


There are TONS of fabric and color options to style your CrossPoint lift canopy to your desired color scheme and appeal.  Contact us for a list of optionsor to schedule an appointment to check out our fabric samples.

NOTE: We recommend adding 1,500 LBS of extra capacity over the dry weight of your boat to your boat lift.  You'll need it for fuel, equipment, friends and extra ballast.

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